Monday, May 20, 2013

Tropical Inspiration

Did these painting while we were in Florida on holiday. The Ibis (painting with the three birds) isn't actually finished yet, but I posted it anyways. The sea turtle is a water color.


More Tropical Inspiration

I’m not a big fan of using black, so I mix my own using dark red, dark blue and dark green. Mixed to much so ended up painting a lot of canvases with a black background. When you’re in Florida, you are surrounded by all of this beautiful foliage. It’s impossible to not get inspired by Florida’s abundant greenery.

Rock Painting

Love to walk on the beach gathering shells, see glass and rocks. I look for rocks with a certain shape or a raised area that can be painted to look like something. All of these rocks are from the beach.

Fruit of the Womb

Fruit of the Womb, acrylic on canvas, 18”x24”. I painted this for a show at CafĂ© Con Leche in Mexican Town for International Women’s Month. If you look closely, you’ll see that I cut out eleven holes in the canvas, made a box to fit behind the hole, and placed something in each box. The second photo is close-ups of the cut outs.


Roosters and more Roosters

Finally we are into 2013. Got off to a great start by painting six roosters, five oils and one acrylic, all different sizes. This was fun because I got to use a lot of color!


Autumn Inspiration

Painted these cattails last fall, it’s an oil on a 24”x 36” canvas.


Altered Art

This little 4”x4” frame originally had yellow
roses in it before I altered it. I call it “Say
Hello to My Little Friends” – which, by the
way, are not
anyone’s friends.